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Prefaces by Sara Molho:

         About the Marranos of Belmonte

         A Personal Outlook [soon]

Articles & narrative-chapters
by diverse authors

         History of the Jews in Portugal / Elias Lipiner

         Thoughts on Antonieta Garcias (1993) The Jews of Belmonte the Paths of Memory / Sara Molho

         Matron Rabbis or Rabbis? / Sara Molho [new]

Findings & Personal Impressions:

         Feathers, Angels, Scales - Sacred Matters / Sara Molho

1. Rainbows

2. Angels

3. Ave de Pena

4. Marrano Kippur and Passover

5. Kinds of Scales & Ladders [new]

6. Guttman-Scale analysis [partly]


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